Pen Test

by Krystal Whitten September 25, 2018 1 Comment

Pen Test

I tested the paper in the new version of The Lettering Prayer Journal to see how it holds up to our favorite pens and even some watercolor! I tested a variety of pens for normal usage. We wanted to make sure that simple writing doesn't bleed through, as well as coloring/drawing.


Watch the test video in action on IGTV here


Paper Weight: 180 GSM (approx 120 lb. text weight)


Pens Tested:

First I wrote the name/type of pen used and if appropriate, I colored a bit with each one to see what would happen on the other side. 



I found that the dark red Tombow Dual Brush pen did have some bleed through in "N" where I colored with it, but was fine when I simply wrote with it. The royal blue and mint colored Dual Brush pens were just fine.

The Pentel Touch brush pen in dark green had some ghosting (shadow that can be seen on the other side) when I wrote with it and colored the "h" in Shield.

The watercolor had some wrinkling, as was expected. Even watercolor paper will warp and wrinkle, so this should not come as a surprise. Though I believe watercolor can be used in The Lettering Prayer Journal, my warning is to be mindful of how much water you're putting on the paper. The smooth paper is not made to handle large quantities of water, and overdoing it in one spot will disintegrate the paper.

Overall I was pleased with how well the pens did and I feel confident that you can write, color and draw with a variety of tools without worrying.

If you're unsure about a particular pen or marker, please test it on a back page first.


The Lettering Prayer Journal is available for order now. Orders will ship beginning Oct. 8, 2018. Try it before you buy it here!

With love and lettering,


*This is not a scientific study. Factors like pressure and ink color will influence your results.

Krystal Whitten
Krystal Whitten


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Mary Behny
Mary Behny

October 04, 2018

Hi Krystal – I appreciated the pen test but what pens/markers and book would you recommend for a beginner for learning lettering? I would like to learn how to letter for signs and journaling.

Thank you.


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