Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®
Lettering Prayer Journal®

Lettering Prayer Journal®


The Lettering Prayer Journal® is a creative tool for a powerful prayer life.

It will motivate you to pray more and it will deepen your communication with God through scripture meditation and writing verses that are important to the Christian life. 

Krystal designed this keepsake prayer journal to help her be intentional about her prayer and scripture meditation. As she studied and read about prayer, she began to recognize that one powerful way to pray is by using the words of God in scripture. The Bible is both a prayer book and a promise book, and in it God gives us promises that we can claim for own lives (1 Corinthians 2).

But we can only pray scripture when we know scripture. So The Lettering Prayer Journal features both a Promise Prompt, which is a verse for you to write (hand letter), as well as specific categorized sections to pray through.

Each 3-page layout can be filled in a little each day during the week. Cultivating a pattern of prayer in your life requires consistency and intention. This journal is meant to help you create intentional time with God that is deep and delightful.

The specific prayer categories include: Praise, Repentance, Thanksgiving, Equipping, World, Community, Sick/Grieving, Family, Friends, Myself. There's also a blank section for you to customize to your own needs, and a section for notes and writing down what you're learning or studying. 

 The Lettering Prayer Journal features:

  • Prayer pages for 52 weeks (1 year). The dates are not pre-printed so you can start whenever you want! And it's impossible to fall behind.
  • Full instructions on how to use your journal
  • A weekly promise verse to meditate on and hand letter yourself 
  • Specific categories to pray through each day. 
  • Check circles on each line so you can look back and mark the prayers God has answered
  • A section to record what you're reading, studying, and learning
  • Inspiration and example verses hand lettered by Krystal
  • Quotes about prayer to motivate and inspire you to go deeper
  • Blank notes pages in the back for answered prayer, sermon notes, doodles and more!
  • Hard cover journal notebook
  • Gold spiral binding & attached gold elastic band closure
  • Gold foil details on covers
 The Lettering Prayer Journal also includes:
  • Krystal's favorite pen - a Japanese calligraphy brush pen
  • Lettering How To & Practice Guide - a separate 20-page booklet of basic instruction on how to get started with hand lettering and calligraphy.
  • Krystal's signature hot pink keepsake gift box
Measures 8.63" W x 10" H x 1" D  | Imported

    This is a great gift for the lady who wants to become more intentional in her walk with God.

    Download a PDF of a week's prayer pages to print and try first!

    What People Are Saying About The Lettering Prayer Journal:

    "I looked high and low for a prayer journal that had categories for me to pray through instead of just blank pages. THANK YOU!" -Mackenzie H.

    "I am 'out of sight, out of mind' unfortunately, and this has really helped me be more intentional in my prayer life. God is using it!" -Ashley Y.

    "I love being able to find time in my day to talk to God, and this lettering journal is such a blessing." -Charlotte P.


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