Christmas Tree Tutorial

by Krystal Whitten November 17, 2017 1 Comment

Christmas Tree Tutorial

Scroll down for a how-to video and downloadable instruction sheet and supply list.

This is a slightly different post from the normal lettering and faith blog posts. Last week I posted a three-day tutorial on my Instagram story about how to decorate your Christmas tree for a designer look. If you know anything about IG stories you know 1. They aren't polished or professional, and 2. They disappear after 24 hours. I was so surprised by the messages and requests that I please post it again. Fortunately, I did save the stories, and now I've posted them together on YouTube, silly as they are (insert blush here). 

My 7.5 ft. brightly-themed tree, 2011

Some background on my Christmas tree decorating. I did not grow up with a "designer" Christmas tree. When Andy and I were first married, I worked for a sweet lady who has a successful Ebay business selling Christmas tree ornaments and decor. Her work space was set up for Christmas year round. She decorated trees for every season. It was fun and beautiful to look at. Our first Christmas I had no more than 5 ornaments for our Christmas tree, so she loaded me up and sent me home with an armload of ornaments and taught me how to fill a tree.

My in law's 12 ft. tree when we finished it at 4 a.m., 2016

Over the years I've accumulated more and more ornaments and learned other tips and tricks to making a tree full and beautiful. And it's a family affair. One of my favorite traditions is decorating my mother in law's 12-foot tree with her and my sister in law. 

Christmas Eve, 2016

My 9 ft. tree, 2017

Since I did the Instagram story, I thought it would be fun to share my tips and spread the Christmas tree love. I hope you'll be inspired to try it out yourself! Scroll down to watch the video and download a supply list and instruction sheet. 

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How long does it take you to decorate a tree like this?

A standard 7 foot tree would take me about 3-4 hours to decorate by myself if I don't stop. Unfortunately, now with my 9' foot tree I decorate it in spurts over several days. (#momlife)

But what about my personal family ornaments?

I hear you on this. Andy started a tradition with me when we were first dating that we pick out a Christmas ornament together every year. And the kids each get to pick an ornament each year. So we have a  bunch of personal fun ornaments that don't match anything – and lots of Mickey, Minnie, Doc McStuffins, superhero characters! I'm a super sentimental soul who enjoys reliving memories every year, so we have a separate "family tree" with all these fun personal ornaments. 

If you don't have room for a separate tree, you can always add these special one-off ornaments to your pretty designer tree. That makes it all the more special, I think!

How much ribbon and mesh should I get?

It depends on the size and fullness of your tree. A pencil tree won't need as much as a large full figure tree. I buy large rolls of ribbon from Sams so I never run out! But a good estimate to start with is 2 yards per foot for a full tree.

Can I still put a star on top?

Absolutely! Star, angel, whatever you wish. 

I don't have as many ornaments as you. Can I still do this?

Of course! This has been a process for me too. You'll be surprised how much the mesh and ribbon help to fill your tree. 


Krystal Whitten
Krystal Whitten


1 Response

Sonia Robinson
Sonia Robinson

November 29, 2018

Beautiful tree & designer look! I wondered how it was done & definitely will use some of your tips like the cut pieces of ribbon & funky triangle😄We get a real tree so probably won’t look as full & being sentimental, most ornaments have memories, but always looking for new pretty ones! Thanks Kyrstal for sharing your fun video & tips with everyone & Merry Christmas!❤️⛄️

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