Lettering together in January

by Krystal Whitten December 07, 2020

Lettering together in January

 Hey! I want to invite you to join me in going through the Letter for the Lord 31-Day JOHN Devotional starting Friday, January 1, 2021.

Let's start off the brand new year by digging into God's Word together. The Gospel of John is a staple for the faith of a Believer, new and old. Growing up my pastor Adrian Rogers would give the gospel at our church's annual Christmas presentation, and he would tell new believers how to grow in their faith. He would always say something like this:

"Start reading in the book of John. Don't worry about the parts you don't understand. Just focus on the parts you do understand. And if you focus on the parts you do understand, eventually, you'll start understanding the parts you didn't understand before, understand?"

That always got some laughs, but what's stood out to me for over 20 years is this: The book of John is powerful for understanding WHO Jesus is and WHY He came. It's essential for Bible study in the life of a Christian.

So let's go through it together. 

The devotional helps you dig into the daily passage and consider things about it that maybe you've never thought of before. It's "self-guided" meaning you're not reading my words about the text. You're reading the text itself and answering some questions, digging into it and asking the Lord to reveal Himself to you.

We'll letter the scripture of the day and read the whole chapter and answer a few questions to get us thinking about it. Each day finishes with a gratitude prompt and a short prayer.

Here's an example of what the inside of the devotional looks like

If you’d like to grab the devotional and work in it with us, you can get one here: JOHN DEVOTIONAL.

Don't worry - If you don’t have the devotional you can still join us! Below are the verses in the devotional for 31-days of lettering through John.

  1. John 1:1
  2. Johon 1:23
  3. John 1:37
  4. John 2:11
  5. John 2:19
  6. John 3:15
  7. John 3:30
  8. John 4:14
  9. John 4:50
  10. John 5:24a
  11. John 6:35
  12. John 6:63
  13. John 7:37
  14. John 8:28
  15. John 8:32
  16. John 9:25
  17. John 10:11
  18. John 11:25-26
  19. John 11:54
  20. John 12:25
  21. John 13:31
  22. John 14:1
  23. John 15:18
  24. John 16:33b
  25. John 17:17
  26. John 18:37b
  27. John 19:6b
  28. John 19:30
  29. John 20:18
  30. John 20:29b
  31. John 21:17c


    It's more fun with friends! Ask a friend to do it with you. (Plus it's good accountability!)

    I can't wait to get started. Use the hashtag #letterfortheLordJohn on Instagram and make sure to tag me on Insta and Facebook!

    See you January 1st, 2021!

    With love and lettering,

    Krystal Whitten
    Krystal Whitten


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