Lettering together in August

by Krystal Whitten July 24, 2020

Lettering together in August


Hey! I want to invite you to join me in going through the Letter for the Lord 31-Day Psalms Devotional starting Saturday August 1.

It seems like a good time to dive into the psalms and focus our hearts and minds on truth and hope in scripture. You know David wrestled with God but also praised Him in the midst of severe circumstances. I think we can learn from him. 

The devotional helps you dig into the full chapter and consider things about the passage that maybe you've never thought of before. It's "self-guided" meaning you're not reading my words about the text. You're reading the text itself and digging into it and asking the Lord to reveal Himself to you.

We'll letter the scripture of the day and read the whole chapter and answer a few questions to get us thinking about it. And finish with a gratitude prompt and a short prayer.

Here's an example of what the inside of the devotional looks like

If you’d like to grab the devotional and work in it with us, you can get 10% off now until July 29, 2020! Grab it here. 

Don't worry - If you don’t have the devotional you can still join us! Below are the verses in the devotional for 31-days of lettering through the Psalms.

  1. Psalm 1:6
  2. Psalm 15:1
  3. Psalm 16:5
  4. Psalm 23:3
  5. Psalm 27:14
  6. Psalm 31:15
  7. Psalm 34:4
  8. Psalm 41:4
  9. Psalm 46:1
  10. Psalm 51:17
  11. Psalm 55:22
  12. Psalm 62:8
  13. Psalm 70:1
  14. Psalm 77:11
  15. Psalm 79:9
  16. Psalm 84:10a
  17. Psalm 90:2
  18. Psalm 94:19
  19. Psalm 100:5
  20. Psalm 102:2
  21. Psalm 103:17
  22. Psalm 106:45
  23. Psalm 115:1
  24. Psalm 118:24
  25. Psalm 119:71
  26. Psalm 121:8
  27. Psalm 127:1
  28. Psalm 130:5
  29. Psalm 138:8
  30. Psalm 145:4
  31. Psalm 150:6

It's more fun with friends! Grab a friend and ask her to do it with you.

I can't wait to get started. Use the hashtag #letterfortheLordpsalms on Instagram and make sure to tag me on Insta and Facebook!

See you August 1st!

With love and lettering,

Krystal Whitten
Krystal Whitten


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