Krystal Does Lettering!

by Krystal Whitten September 17, 2015

Krystal Does Lettering!

Exodus 14:14I'm thrilled to be launching this new website, and I thank you for stopping by to check it out! My sincere hope is that this website will encourage you to put God's Word on your walls and in your heart.

As a graphic designer turned hand letterer, I have a natural eye for layout and design. Everything I did was from behind a computer. I told myself for many years that I had no illustration skills. But once I tried my hand at lettering in the summer of 2014, and even though it took me hours upon hours to letter a short verse, I loved every minute of it! It felt so good to step out from behind the computer and create something with my hands.

I realized after drawing out Exodus 14:14 half a dozen times, that hand-lettering was the perfect way I could commit God's Word to memory. I framed the finished product, and every time I saw it on the wall, I repeated that verse in my head. 

As I began to practice the skills of lettering and calligraphy, I really felt God impress on my heart the importance of surrounding myself with His Word, and the desire to provide scripture art for others to put God's Word in their homes. I'm convicted that we as believers in Christ don't know our Bibles like we should, and we live powerless lives because of it.

I'm far from a professional letterer and have much to learn, but Krystal Whitten exists to make much of Him and glorify His name through hand-lettering. Let's paper our walls with God's Word, place it in every room of our homes and let it permeate our hearts with truth. 

I pray that the prints Krystal Letters provides will encourage your heart and encourage you to draw near to God's Word.  

Krystal Whitten
Krystal Whitten


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