Proverbs Devotional

NOTE: The Proverbs devotional is now sewn-stitched for extra durability and ease of writing.

The Letter for the Lord: Proverbs Devotional is a 31-day devotional journal for creative lettering and digging deeper into scripture. Take a journey through Proverbs and:

  • LETTER - creatively write or draw the scripture verse of the day
  • LEARN - Read the verse in context and answer a few questions, like "Who wrote this? Who is speaking? What does this verse tell us about the character of God?
  • LISTEN - Examine what God is revealing to you in these verses. How can you apply it to your life?
  • THANK - Write what you're grateful for today.
  • PRAY - Write a short prayer.

Each day you have a scripture verse to hand letter and examine. The journal is not dated, so you can start it anytime. (Pen not included.)


Product Specifications:

Designed, printed, and packaged in Land O' Lakes, Florida, USA.
Spiral-bound with white plastic coil
Inside paper is our signature smooth, 70 lb. crisp white stock
Size: 5.38" x 8.25" x 0.38"
Weight: 4 oz. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kay C.
Not as Expected, but Good!

I am a member of Kasey Hope's Whatever Letter Lettering Club. I was expecting a little something different with the devotional books I ordered, but I am excited to try a different version. I also thought they would all be spiral bound. I am not complaining, I should have read the descriptions better. I am anxious to spend the first 1/2 of my year in all of the lettering devotional books I ordered from this company.

Mary Magnuson

I did the Letter for the Lord Psalms devotion in August, and fell in love. The simple reflection questions really make you think and dig deeper into the word. This was also my introduction to lettering, so it was great to see Krystal doing her lettering. It taught me so much and I also used her Faith and Lettering book to learn techniques. I loved it so much, I bought her two other devotionals - Proverbs and Love. I didn't want to stop at the end of August, so the fun and fellowship with God continues. . . . . . .

Stephani A.
Loving it!

I’m really enjoying the invitation to dig deeper in the Bible while also enjoying the creative side of lettering it. Most of the mediums I use don’t show through the paper at all. Definitely recommend it to anyone who is into lettering.

Samantha N.
Amazing Devo Book

I love that not only do you get to dig deep into the scripture but also get creative with the lettering of the verse each day.

Ruth B.
Lettering for the Lord- Proverbs

It was a Very Good, fun way to study Proverbs!! I always look forward to filling it in, especislly if I missed a day or two I would go back and do it. I didn’t fill in all of the blanks on the right side because some answers covered A few of the other questions! I have underlined in my Bible some key verses over the years, that help me!