"Hineni" sticker mini

Hineni - "Here I am, Lord"

What does Hineni mean? Hineni is a Hebrew word pronounced "hi-nay'-nee" that means "Here I am." It signifies a willingness and a readiness to obey and to do what God has called you to do. Abraham said Hineni before God told him to sacrifice Issac. Moses said Hineni when God told him to go deliver His people from Pharaoh. And in Isaiah 6, when God says to the prophet, Who will go for me? Isaiah responds, “Hineni.” It’s a readiness to go.

Why do we so often shrink back from the prompting of the Lord on our hearts? He promises that we can trust Him. “Hineni” is the appropriate response to a sovereign God who loves you. When you say “Hineni” to the Lord, get ready. Because God will use a willing vessel that’s emptied of itself, available and ready for His great purpose. He has a beautiful plan for your life.


Our new sticker minis are just the right size for that statement you want to make. Large stickers are great, but sometimes you have little leftover space in between to fill. Our sticker minis are approximately 2" on the largest side making them the perfect addition to your laptop, water bottle, tablet, journals, or whatever you can think of. Made from premium waterproof vinyl and are precision-cut to shape.


–––Product Specifications–––

Sticker size: 2.17" x 1.36"
Designed in the sunshine state of Florida. Made in the USA.
Premium indoor/outdoor vinyl
©Design by Krystal Whitten 2022


*Please note: The colors of our prints shown might be slightly different than the actual color due to difference in screen or monitor settings.

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