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"Faith and Lettering" Set

**This set includes the Faith and Lettering book, Faith and Lettering companion practice journal, and a calligraphy pen.


Faith and Lettering: An Inspirational guide to Lettering and Journaling is a full-scale creative lettering book for both the beginner and the intermediate letterer. There’s something for everyone here.

Krystal covers basics such as lettering terms, favorite tools, the “big three” styles, how to create your own style, and modern calligraphy. She also covers intermediate skills like dancing baselines, layout and composition, and how to put together different styles for a complete design.

In addition, there’s chapters on drawing banners, flowers, wreaths, frames, flourishing, Bible Journaling, and her personal favorite - Creative Note-taking! 

Krystal rounds off the book with inspirational prompts and messages of her own insecurities and how to deal with the comparison trap and your fear of imperfection.

This is a book to nourish your creativity as well as your heart. Get some creative practice in with the Faith and Lettering companion journal and calligraphy brush pen!


––––– Book Details ––––– 
Size: 6.8 x 8.8 inches
170 pages
Format: Softcover/Perfect binding
Publisher: Worthy Inspired
Gold foil accents on cover
Printed in the USA

––––– Journal Details ––––– 
Size: 7x9
160 pages
Format: Hardback/Sewn
Publisher: Ellie Claire by Worthy Publishing
Deluxe Signature Journal

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